Friday, August 5, 2016

we've moved.....  I think I maybe have two people reading this blog (besides my husband).....  thank you ANelson ( and Pamela (

To you both and anyone else who happens to stumble upon here.  I've consolidated my blogger blogs (another about Clewie's FHO surgery) on to my website and wordpress.  I thought I updated links but I'm not a webdesigner, so perhaps didn't do it correctly (DZmom, I saw your recent comment).  So please check it out at

I've added a few more posts than are here, but am overdue.  Honestly I'm struggling on if I want to be "out there"....  wondering if it would make the public part of having pitties more challenging living near folks who aren't dog friendly and specifically anti-pitbull. Scared of being more vulnerable to judgement. These two are certainly making me stronger.

I'll probably put something out there.  DzMom, feel free to link if you've already spoken about the topic and I missed it.

Melissa (and Tack and Clewie)

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