Sunday, November 1, 2015

Two little pirates


A little update to share how these two are doing.  This past weekend was their last training class on Sundays. Now we move to Saturday mornings... Very happy about this - Greg's schedule will now allow him to handle a dog - so instead of me doing class with two of them - each dog gets individual class time.  Followed by an adventure with their pittie friends - I love being a part of that.  And I love that Clewie and Tack have doggie friends to do things with.
This week so far has them romping at the park and being marina rats early part of the week - tomorrow we head out to Sheep Dung - their second visit.  We went this past January just days after bringing Tack home.  I'm looking forward to being in my favorite Doggie Nirvana locale with a relaxed pack.
The above pic is of them in their halloween costumes - we ended up bringing them trick or treating at a WAG doggie daycare.  It was great experience having them in costume around other dogs and people in costumes and they did great....
Then on Saurday they attended the Boo Festival at Jack London Square.... there must have been a few hundred dogs and lots of people.....The only hiccup was Tack getting bullyish when Clewie was playing with another dog.  I guess he either didn't understand they were playing - or wanted to get in on the action.... but 2 on 1 is out of my comfort zone..... Luckily, I had a couple friends there to manage tack's leash so i could just handle a playing Clewie.  But it was super fun and I'm really glad I can bring both to these sort of things by myself.

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