Friday, November 20, 2015

Sheep Dung in November

Sheep Dung????  If you heard that and thought, ewwww, no way would I like that, get me far away.....
This might just change your mind.  When I hear "Sheep Dung" I think, romping, wine, BBQ, relaxing, hiking, gorgeous views.  It's because Sheep Dung Properties is our doggie Nirvana.

We started visiting about 13 years ago with our previous dog, Matey... she loved it, but although we had a great time, we did visit during burr season and every romping session was followed by a nice sit down session while Greg and I took turns pulling burrs off of her.

But now - we have these two pittbulls and they come with nice short hair... so - burrs don't bug us anymore....

We tugged

We fetched

We hiked

We trained

We played

We took in the views

We felt on top of the world.

Seriously, it was super relaxing, and we felt a world away.  The weather was beautiful this time of year, A little cold for swimming, but Clewie and Tack aren't really into that anyway.  The coyotes whooped and hollared the night away and C&T let them go to it... no whining to get outside to join them from these two.

Clewie was up to making any kind of new friend she could....

We woke to cloud cover and beautiful light streaming through....

While we waited for a "Off the Hook!!!!" mexican lunch place to open, (Libby's in Philo, CA), we discovered a little park with walking trails through the redwoods to explore and get some posing done.

Here are a few more photos of our time.....

Trails through the 500 acre property that is Sheep Dung

Back of the Barn from one of the trails 

Interesting display on the trail......  

Mornings brought Valley fog

Gate at the entrance to our 2 acre fenced area.

Tack getting some Jolly Ball time.... he was so cute and kinda obsessed with it.

Ahhhh, nighttime fires.....

The cabin

Cutie pies ready for some spectacularness

I know it kinda looks like an ad... but it screams - RELAX

For Tack, Happy is plopping with a ball in his mouth - but better in leaves.

The Boy, posing....

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